The International Conference Hanoi Geoengineering 2022 "Innovative Geosciences, Circular Economy and Sustainability"


TRODUCTION Hanoi Geoengineering 2022 continues on the basis of the 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 conferences, which have become a regular international event to be held in Hanoi, Vietnam, as jointly organized by VNU University of Science, Kyoto University, and Asian Institute of Technology in close collaboration with other overseas and national partners. The Hanoi Geoengineering conference is aimed at fostering a better communication and collaboration between the academic and industrial sectors in the fields of Earth Sciences and Geoengineering for sustainable development and climate change response.

The Hanoi Geoengineering 2022 conference is one of scientific activities to commemorate the 65th  anniversary of VNU University of Science (HUS), the 55th  anniversary of Faculty of Geology, and the 25th  anniversary of Department of Geotechnics & Geoenvironment, the predecessor of present Department of Geoenvironment and Department of Geotechnics and Infrastructure development at the HUS. As circular economy is necessary today to promote the goals of sustainable development and maintaining sustainability, Hanoi Geoengineering 2022 conference aims to bring together scientists, technologists, engineers, policy makers, managers, and entrepreneurs from all over the world, particularly the Asia-Pacific region to engage in interdisciplinary Earth and Geoengineering, Natural resources, Environment, Energy, Industry, Infrastructure, Economics, to name a few, for joining hands to protect the Earth from the global-, regional- and local- change for sustainable development, maintaining prosperous and safe society, and sustainability. The conference includes one day of plenary and poster sessions and one day field-trip to visit Trang An Heritage, Vietnam where was recognized by the UNESCO with unique geological-geomorphic values.

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The Hanoi Geoengineering 2022 conference focuses on innovative geoscience solutions to promote the circular economy and to solve diverse environmental problems that will focus on the following topics:

1) Earth and geoengineering, geo-ecological technologies for circular and ecological economy:

Environment and climate change investigation, environmental protection, environmental remediation, waste treatment and greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction, disaster mitigation and resilience, disaster and environment recovery, disaster resilience and green growth, sustainable development of infrastructure and geosystems, water engineering (wastewater management and treatment), microplastic pollution reduction. 

2) Sustainable natural resources for circular economy:

Resource circulation, green materials, renewable and clean energy (hydropower, tide, wave and ocean current, wind, solar, and geothermal energy), sustainable exploitation and innovative utilization of traditional energies (coal, oil, and gas), sustainable exploitation and utilization of natural resources, natural resource recovery, natural capitalbiodiversity and habitats, eco-tourisms, geoheritage conservation, integrated models of sustainable natural resource  allocation and utilization.

3) Solutions for circular economy and sustainability:

Science and technology, policy and institutions, capacity building and collaboration for sustainable development, maintenance of sustainability, and circular and resilient economy, particularly the applications of digital transformation and innovative technologies (including AI, IoT, block chain, data analytics).


Last date to receive abstract: 20 Sep. 2021

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30 Sep. 2021

Deadline for full paper: 30 Nov 2021

Conference date: 11-12 Feb. 2022

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