International seminar on Mechanical Equipment and Technology in Mining


From October 28th, 2019 to November 03rd, 2019, delegations from China University of Mining and Technology in Xuzhou (CUMT), and Saint Petersburg Mining University (SPMU - Russia) were visiting Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, participating in the International seminar on "Mechanical Equipment and Technology in Mining". The seminar was an attractive event with to the audience from the university, subsidiaries of Vietnam National Coal Mineral Industry Holding Corporation Limited (Vinacomin), research institutes and PhD students.

The seminar Mechanical Equipment and Technology in Mining focused on research and production of equipment and machines in mining in Viet Nam, advantages and disadvantages in research and development, and possibilities in universities - industries - research institutes in development of the mechanical industry in Viet Nam. 

Participating in the seminar, Prof. Gabov Victor Vasilievich, from SPMU introduced research priorities and results in the Department of Mechanical Engineering to overcome difficulties in mining thin and unstable mineral seams. The highlight of the introduction is the solutions in utilize new mining machines to improve productivity and reduce production costs. Other topics of the seminar were concentrating on the forecasting of the research and development of new mining machines in relevance to automation and industrialisation revolution 4.0, or using ceramic in the production of mining machines.

Besides, speakers from CUMT and VInacomin also presented about automation mining machines and its disadvantages in usage. 

At the department level, leaders from HUMG, CUMT and SPMU agreed to collaboraiton in research, enhancing excursions to develop new research priorities and updating new trends in demands of mining equipment. Representatives from research institutes and the mining industry can support universities in education and employment, as well as technolgy transfer. 

Prof. Bui Xuan Nam (three from left), Vice Rector of HUMG welcomed international guests and appriciated their support to HUMG 

On behalf of HUMG, Prof. Bui Xuan Nam welcomed speakers and participants of the seminar, and appriated the collaboration among unversities and other stakeholders in joint research and production of mining machines, and education and training in mining fields. 

China University of Mining and Technology and Saint Petersburg Mining University are partners of HUMG for years with various contribution to the mutual collaboration.