HUMG opens master courses and doctoral programs, first term of 2020


On July 10, 2020, Hanoi University of Mining and Geology organized the Welcome Ceremony for master students and doctor candidates, the first semester of 2020 for postgraduates that successfully passed the entrance examinations and enrollment by the end of May 2020. Attendees of the ceremony are professors, administrative staff of HUMG, 234 students of 14 master courses, and 5 doctor candidates.

On behalf of leaders of HUMG, Assoc. Prof. Luong Quang Khang, Head of Graduate Academic Division, announced decisions of matriculation to 239 master students and doctor candidates. 


Prof. Bui Xuan Nam, Vice Rector of HUMG welcomed and congratulated new students and doctor candidates who excellently overcame the entrance examinations and oral tests after a time of distance learning and discussing with their mentors, supervisors and professors due to COVID - 19. Prof. Nam also highly evaluated the efforts of the graduates in improving their knowledege and promoting the academic career.


Prof. Bui Xuan Nam deliverd his welcome speech to master students and doctor candidates

The Welcome Ceremony is a good occassion for leaders of HUMG to meet and exchange information of educational regulation and program to their students. Today, HUMG offers master programs from 1.5 to 2 years. Master degree holders can complete their doctoral degree in 3 years, meanwhile, it is required bachelor degree holders to spend at least 4 years for the doctoral programs. 

Mr. Le Duc Tho, a master student of Economic Management, on behalf of 234 new master students thanked Prof. Nam for his inspired speech

To date, HUMG is one of prestigous address in education and training of postgraduates. Annually, two entrance examinations are organized for master programs and doctoral programs. Academic staff of HUMG, gathered of 4 full professors, 55 associate professors, 197 doctor habilitation and doctors, and 363 masters are contributing to these programs as lecturers, supervisors and mentors. HUMG also invites guest professors, and senior officials and industrial representatives to join training activities of all these educational levels. Students have opportunities in study and research with rich source documents and modern laboratories. Not only open master programs and doctoral programs for Vietnamese, foreign students who are compentent in Vietnamese can also enroll for postgraduate programs in HUMG. Additionally, HUMG opens opportunities for exchange students in master programs and organizes research terms for doctor candidates of partners universities. 

HUMG is now opening for applicants for the second term of Postgraduates programs in 2020 (entrance examination and enrollment October 31, 2020) for 19 master programs and 13 doctoral programs, deadline of application August 31, 2020.

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